Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello Frankford Gazette Readers!

Wow, I am so grateful to Joseph Garvey for sharing my family's history and this blog with the good people of Frankford. I feel very fortunate that I was born into a generation that can share things so easily over the internet.

My Overington family posts are mainly the last several on the front page here, but there are one or two more available if you click on the word "Overington" under the header "Labels" down on the right.

My photos are on Flickr. The Overington family photos are mostly here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60027918@N02/sets/72157626978233995/

There are more Overington relatives in the photo sets for the Burns-Yarnall family (William Overington Jr.'s mother was Jenny Burns), as well as the Newman-Overington and Jones-Overington families (my great-grandmother Claudia "Poppy" Overington's two marriages). The first several photos in "Miscellaneous Relatives" are Overingtons as well.

My family tree is on Ancestry.com under the name "Gammon Family Tree." Here's a link to Poppy's page in it, if you are interested in the various family members.

Thank you for sharing an interest in the Overington family.

If you didn't come from the Frankford Gazette, their post is here.

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