Sunday, September 11, 2011

Frankford, Philadelphia Historical Photographs

While looking up photos of Oaklands for my last post, I found these two photographs that I thought might also be of interest to the Garveys, particularly if their family also has history in the area. 

The top image has no notes on it other than a stamp identifying the photographer as "Dan. E. Paul, Commercial Photography, Bell Phone, 2225 N. 2nd St., Phila, PA." The second one has writing on the back. It says "Literary Club Nov 7, 1922. Historical Pageant." Then the people on the carriage are named, other than the driver and one passenger. Left to right, based on visible faces, are the driver, Mrs. Blood, Mr. Thorp, Mrs. Overington, Mr. Overington, (unknown), Mrs. Ervien, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. W. Whitaker, and Mrs. Fuller.

The Overingtons are visible in the first photograph, as well. They are on the right side in the back, wearing the same hats as in the second picture. Most, if not all, of the other Literary Club members are there, too. 

For more Overington pictures, including pictures of the house, check out the rest of my blog.


  1. Great pic!! Do you have any picture's of William Sr.?

  2. I have wonderful memories of the estate. You are correct about the road not being paved. The only paved road was the half circle at the rear. The other roads were small white stones and oister shells. Charles Greipp

  3. I have picture of a football team from1923 welcome A.A.1924 Jr champions Delaware Co.1923.their sweaters have a W on the front Dan E paul photography phila. pa.

    1. I do too! Did you find out anything?

  4. My husband recently found a graduating class picture from Fitzsmons junior high school class of 1931 in perfect condition also taken by Dan e.pail


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