Friday, September 7, 2012

Real Estate Appraisal of Oaklands, 1950

I was at the Overington Family Reunion last weekend and brought some of my family documents. This one was a favorite and I was asked to scan it and post it here so that everyone can have a copy. It's the real estate appraisal of Oaklands on August 4, 1950, two months before William Overington, Jr. passed away.

You can read it for yourself; it's pretty self-explanatory.

The last paragraph there on the back is blocked by the photos and reads:
Valuation based on its Best Possible Usage. Dwelling is very old & in very poor condition. Would not pay to re-condition or remodel same. Eventually dwelling will have to be removed so that building can be developed to its Best Usage. (Apartments or dwellings, or both.)


  1. Hello Sandi! There was always a rumor in Toby's Will that it read that it was to be a park only. I would love to get a copy of his Will. Love reading about the lives of the Overingtions. Joseph

    1. I've never seen a copy of his will. It would be interesting to see one, though.


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